• Meet Pigby & Friends

    When we’re not working on cool new animations for characters like Shaun the Sheep we keep busy by working alongside all kinds of organisations to help them bring new characters to life. A recent example is the work we did with the NatWest bank, helping them to create some colourful characters to front their First Saver bank account, designed specifically for under 16s. So, may we present Pigby and friends, some very cool pigs with a special mission – to show young savers that putting money away really does help the pennies to grow.


    We can’t take full credit for Pigby’s creation, though. He’s based on a drawing by 13-year-old Kwamina Longdon who won a national ‘Pigs by Kids’ competition to create a unique and thoroughly modern version of the traditional piggy bank. We were then tasked with the important job of bringing Kwamina’s drawing to life, alongside a supporting cast of pigs, each with their own specific characters and interests. Alongside sensible, curious Pigby there is fashionista Truffles, the arty Pigasso and skater dude Buzz. Pigby and friends will feature on welcome packs, the First Saver website and in an exciting new app – also developed by Aardman – which explains the benefits of saving in a fun, interactive game, and which will be available at the end of January.

    The Aardman team had a lot of fun developing the Pigby idea and coming up with inventive ways to make saving money more attractive to a young audience. David Crawford, Head of Savings at NatWest, explained: “By working with Aardman, who already excite and inspire children across the world with their animation, we’ve created a more modern set of characters to teach kids about the benefits of saving to buy the things they want.”

    To find out more about the First Saver account visit the NatWest website.