• How to Make Yourself (or a Friend) Hover in Mid Air!

    If you’ve ever fancied making yourself hover mid-air, this is the tutorial for you. Steve Edge, Aardman’s top model maker, talks you through the steps to making yourself or a friend (or both of you) hang in the air – it’s not as difficult as it looks but your friends will be really impressed when they see you add this effect to your animations!

    All you need to create this effect is the Animate It! software and yourself and/or a friend. And that’s it! As with most animation techniques, practice makes perfect but the hover effect is a great one to play around with and have fun perfecting. The video above talks you through the steps, but basically how this works is by jumping in the air and taking a capture of the moment you hit the highest point. It can be tricky to get this right at first, but with a bit of practice you’ll have it looking really smooth. Perhaps you can try jumping up together, holding hands, for example, or meet mid-air.

    Take a look at Steve’s simple ‘how-to’ tutorial and then have a go yourself. You can then enter your animations into this month’s Animate It! competition – find out more here.

    Don’t forget you have any comments or questions you can add a comment below and share your experiences of using the Animate It! software with other animation fans.

    Have fun hovering!