• Watch the Eden Project’s Shaun the Sheep Animation!

    Visit the Eden Project this half term and you can learn how to use Aardman’s Animate It! software and make your very own Shaun the Sheep animation!

    To show you how easy and fun animation can be, Eden have created their own Shaun animation using the Animate It! app on an iPad – take a look below and post a comment to let us know what you think!

    Did you notice there’s a real-life Eden groundskeeper used in the animation? To blend in her movements with the rest of the animation, she acted as real-life puppet, holding very still and changing her position slightly for each shot! This technique is called pixilation and it’s a really simple technique you could try at home to animate you and your friends!

    To find out more about the Animate It! event at Eden this half term, visit the Eden Project website