• Take a Look at our VisitEngland Gromits

    Back in the Spring we teamed up with VisitEngland to give members of the public the chance to design a Gromit inspired by their home towns and regions. We then chose the winning designs and commissioned artist and sculptor Vivi Cuevas to transfer them onto our Gromits.

    The results were truly amazing and really capture the unique character of places across the UK, from cities such as York and London to regions including the North East and the great British countryside. Our VisitEngland Gromits were included in the grand auction that took place in October, helping to raise an incredible ¬£2.3 million for Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Appeal!

    Artist Vivi really enjoyed the experience of bringing¬†our fans’ creations to life. Here’s what she had to say about taking part in the project:

    “I loved the challenge of taking someone else’s design and interpreting it onto the Gromit sculptures. It was really interesting for me to paint views and elements of different places in the UK.”

    You can check out the Wallace & Gromit Facebook page to see the winning designs and finished creations. And if you fancy transforming a Gromit with your own design you can buy a Gromit Unleashed Paint Your Own Gromit Kit from the official Aardman store here.