• Make a Game With Shaun’s Game Academy

    Have you heard about Shaun’s Game Academy, a fun way to learn the basics of game design with the opportunity to make your very own Shaun game using the Scratch platform? Launched back in the summer, the tool has been designed in partnership with the Nominet Trust and gives gaming fans the chance to play around with licensed Shaun props and assets so you can design a game in your own unique style.

    With coding soon to feature more significantly on the National Curriculum, Shaun’s Game Academy isn’t just a fun activity – it’s educational, too! Start by checking out the Shaun’s Game Academy website to find out all the key info, then check out these handy video guides to help you get to grips with the basic quickly:

    Tutorial 1: Learn how to make your game character move left to right, the basis of all platform games:

    Tutorial 2: Have fun with Shaun – this guide shows you how to animate your character so Shaun can run!

    Tutorial 3: Get to trips with physics game loops – sounds complicated, but our video guide helps you get to grips with one of the trickier aspects of game design:

    Not only will you get to learn lots as you design your game, but your finished game will be entered into a competition with a great prize up for grabs, including the opportunity to visit Aardman HQ and work with its game designers to put some finishing touches on your creation!  The competition runs until 19th December 2014 – find out full details and see some other game entries in the gallery.

    Shaun’s Game Academy for Younger Fans

    Of course, making games can be quite tricky at times, but even very young Shaun fans can learn the basics of game design, even if they are too young to try coding in Scratch. We’ve created some really fun Family Learning Resources so younger children can get involved, too. Perhaps you could enter the competition as a family, with younger siblings helping out with paper game designs while older children do the coding – it’s a great way for all ages to take part in the competition!