• Behind the Scenes with our Bin Weevils Prize Winners!

    Last month we teamed up with kids’ online virtual world, Bin Weevils, to launch an exciting music video animation competition! Fans were tasked with creating a short animation to go along with a piece of audio from the upcoming Bin Weevils “So Much Better With Two” song.

    Congratulations to Emma Barraclough, Kerri Donahoe, Paul Brisley, James Wheeler and Will Fennah, who were chosen as the winners of the competition! You can watch their winning submissions in our “Entries We Love” section of the website.

    All five winners were invited down to Aardman studios to work on the full-length official music video for the new Bin Weevils track. You can take a look at the video below to see how they got on and read Will’s diary from the day!

    “My Day at Aardman Studios” by Will Fennah

    10:00am When I arrived at Aardman Studios two of the other competition winners Emma & Kerri had already arrived and where in the reception area looking at the amazing sets on display from the films ‘Pirates’ & ‘Wallace & Gromit’. Soon after, brothers Paul & James arrived to complete the winners group.

    10:20am We were shown around the Aardman Studios building which is amazing and from the air is in the shape of a giant letter A. We where seated in a conference room where we were introduced to Mark Simon Hewis who was to be our Director for the Bin-Tunes animation.


    11:00am Mark introduced us to Amelia who was the co-founder of Bin Weevils and we all discussed our ideas for the animation we were about to make. Mark brought in two large boxes filled with original props from the famous Aardman animations Pirates, A Grand Day Out, A Matter of Loaf and Death and Creature Comforts. We were allowed to hold the props and were thrilled when Mark told us we could use them on our animation!

    11:30am Mark helped us develop our animation plan and to decide what types of set we would use. We picked one interior and one exterior set and our story for the animation that would include our winning animation entries. Everyone had brought with them their own models and we included all of them in the plan.


    4:00pm Two hours later, we had finished our filming and we went back to the Conference room, Laura and Amelia gave the winners a book called ‘Cracking Animation’ and a Bin Weevils Goodie bag. Mark (The photographer) took lots of pictures and we said goodbye. In a few weeks we will get to see our finished animation. I can’t wait!

    2:00pm To start filming our Bin Weevils animations we were split into two groups. One group worked on the interior set and one on the exterior set. It was very good fun and Mark made it quite easy for us to understand the animation camera controller.

    Great diary, Will! You can watch the full So Much Better With Two video, animated by our competition winners, right here