• Behind the Scenes: Aardman’s Nike Commercial

    Ever wondered how an Aardman commercial is made? Watch this advert Aardman made for Nike, then have a peek at some behind the scenes photos!

    The animation took 5 days to create with 2 animators working to bring to puppets to life. The strings for the puppets were only physically in one shot of the animation. The rest were added using CGI afterwards, which was very fiddly!

    Green screen (in the photo above) is a great way to create a blank canvas to add a background to an animation after you’ve finished animating. You can do this with your own animations using the Chroma Key option in the Animate It! software.

    For this commercial, the post production (everything to finish the advert after the animation was done) took a while because all the complicated puppet rigging had to be removed and the puppet strings and backgrounds had to be added. Why not try adding different backgrounds to your animations and see all the different places you can take your characters!

    Photos by Ruth Berkley