• Make Your Own Movie with the Tate Movie Project!

    The Tate Movie Project is holding an animated movie competition where you could win a trip to Aardman Animations, where the Tate Movie was made!

    The challenge is to create your own animated movie using the tools in the Tate Movie website’s studio, using the theme ‘great achievements’. Your story can happen anywhere in the world, space or another universe and could feature the unlikeliest of heroes!

    You have until 1st August to create your movie masterpiece, and you’ll be helped along the way with writing the story, script, animating and editing your film! The 10 lucky winners will be invited to visit Aardman HQ to see their own movie on the big screen and meet some real life animators and directors!

    The first part of the challenge is ready and waiting in the studio requests page. Visit the Tate Movie website to get movie making!