• How to Animate: Squash and Stretch


    Squash and stretch can be used in any kind of animation to make it look more lifelike! Ricky shows you exactly how to give squash and stretch animating a try in the video above.

    Making a Bouncing Ball Animation With Squash and Stretch

    To get started, you’ll need…

    • A pen and paper or a piece of plasticine
    • A camera
    • Animation software – you can try Animate It for free, or buy the full software!

    As you’ll see in Ricky’s first animation, the bouncing ball is animated without any special animation tricks, which looks fine, but could it look more lifelike with squash and stretch?

    To add squash and stretch to your animation, make your ball narrower as it moves towards the ground, and then wider once it hits the ground. This will give the illusion of it hitting the floor and then bouncing back using its own weight…although it sounds complicated it’s actually simple to add.

    Take a picture of each drawing of your ball, or movement of your plasticine and then run through the pictures (or frames!) on your camera one after another to see the effect! You can apply this to any moving object when animating…try playing with how other objects move and react while you animate!

    Try it and see what happens, then don’t forget to share your animation here!