• Animate It! Lite App Now Available

    You can now try your hand at animating completely free of charge, thanks to the new LITE version of the Animate It! app, available to download from the App store now.  The new version, as the name suggests, is a slightly pared back app, with less functions than the original Animate It! app, but still offers lots of features so you can get a proper feel for animating. Then, if you really like it and want to try something a little more sophisticated, you can either download the enhanced app or treat yourself to the full Animate It! software.

    Animate it lite

    Using Animate It! LITE you’ll be able to capture up to 240 frames  using your phone’s camera, plus the app includes standard features such as the ability to edit and watch your animation whilst making it, change playback speeds and delete and reorder frames. You can also use onion skinning and export files to your camera roll, Facebook, Dropbox and YouTube.

    The LITE version offers a great way to get to grips with the basics of animation, letting you have a play around with ideas and learn some cool techniques without spending a penny! To find out more visit the app store here.

    The full app is available here, or you can check out the full Animate It! software if you’d like to take your animation skills to the next level – there’s also a free trial you can download. And don’t forget to check out our Get Animating page for tips and advice on getting started.