• Win an Animate It! Morph Kit!

    Make your Own Squash and Stretch Animation!

    Enter the first Animate It! competition to be in with a chance of winning an Animate It! Morph kit complete with moulds, clay, Morph episodes and tips from Aardman animators!

    To enter the competition, we want you to create a short animation that uses a technique called Squash and Stretch. Aardman animator, Ricky, explains how to use squash and stretch in the video above and we have simple instructions for you in our squash and stretch blog!

    Once you’ve watched Ricky’s video and read the blog, it’s time to create your own short animation (it can be 30 seconds long!) using squash and stretch! You can either draw your animation or use modelling clay and you can try or buy the Animate It! animation software to animate your masterpiece or download the Animate It! app for your iPhone or iPad.

    When you’ve completed your animation, upload it to YouTube (it’s easy to create an account to share your animations if you don’t already have one! Just ask your parents to help you set one up) and then share a link in the comments below to enter!

    So to round up, all you need to do to enter is…

    • Make your short squash and stretch animation
    • Upload it to Youtube
    • Post a link to your animation in the comments below!

    You have until August 31st to make your animation so have fun and think about an object or character you want to animate! It could be as simple as a bouncing ball, or can you get a space hopper bouncing or a person jumping?

    Have a think and then animate it!