• Spooky Animations Competition!

    If you love Halloween you’ll love our latest animation challenge! We want you to come up with a spooky short that shows off your best animation skills. You don’t have to base it on a particular technique this time, though we’d love to see how your skills are developing, so feel free to throw in the odd morphing moment, do some hovering (perfect if your animation will feature a ghost or two) or make your characters’ heads spin round, a classic technique you’ll see in many a scary movie! Don’t forget to check out our Horror and Sci-Fi film kits, filled with useful bits and bobs to help you make your animations. The kits include scary backgrounds, character ideas and easy but effective techniques to try in your film.


    You can animate yourself or some clay figurines, base your film on your favourite Aardman characters or do something completely different – it’s up to you, just as long as your film references Halloween in some way.

    Submit your ideas in the usual way by adding your YouTube links to the comments box below. The competition runs until mid November and our usual terms apply (see below.) We can’t wait to see what you come up with! (PS: While we’re happy to have our spines tingled try to keep your animations the right side of scary so you don’t frighten our younger fans!)


    • Once you’ve decided on what you’re going to make, it’s time to start animating! You can download a free trial of the Animate It! software from our website and take a look at lots of animation tutorials to get you started. Don’t forget to check out our Horror and Sci-fi film kits for more inspiration!
    • Your film must be no longer than 1 minute – keep it short and sweet!
    • Once you’ve finished your film, upload your video to YouTube (if you’re under 13 years old get a grown-up to help you with this)
    • Post a link to your animation in the comments section below! Our competition closes at 5pm (GMT) on Monday 17th November
    • The competition is open to people under 18 years old only (sorry grown ups)
    • The entries will be judged by an Aardman expert and the winning animation will win a copy of ‘Wallace & Gromit: The Complete Newspaper Strips Volume 1’