• Spooky Animation Entries We Love!

    Thanks to everyone who shared their spooky animations with us – it was great to see some original twists on the classic scary movie genre! We picked Hannah Maines’ imaginative ‘Tale of a Not So Typical Vampire’ as our winner but we thought these entries really stood out, too – take a look below:

    The Maggot Explorers by Toby Little

    There’s some great animation in this film by one of our youngest animation fans, 6-year-old Toby. It shows some very realistic-looking maggots wriggling in and out of a pumpkin while a scary skeleton looks on.

    Tricky Treats by Ashley B

    See  fruit magically transform into Halloween treats in this super film by Ashley B. We particularly loved seeing ordinary eggs morph into chocolate goodies, plus the soundtrack works really well, too!

    How to Be a Witch by Ella O’Neill

    A fun peek behind the scenes of life at the Academy for Witches. Ella’s colourful film includes great models and a fun storyline – who knew that witches melt in water?

    Morph Halloween Short by Ian McMillen

    Poor Morph is under attack from a strange green ‘thing’. A combination of tense, dramatic music and great use of animation techniques such as Morphing make Ian’s film very slick!

    Well done to everyone who entered! We have a new competition for you to take part in so if you’re bursting with ideas for your next animation, be sure to enter our Christmas-themed challenge!