• Special Mention – Molly’s ‘Rabbit Rescue’

    Ten-year-old Molly recently submitted a fab animation to the Animate It team and we just had to share it with you! Entitled ‘Rabbit Rescue’, we really enjoyed watching this inventive and fun piece of animation so we thought you’d like to see it too. We love the colourful models and cleverly plotted storyline featuring Rabbit and Pig, best friends who show that great teamwork really does save the day. Molly has put some really clever detail into her animation – we were particularly impressed by how Molly has created realistic-looking buckets of water to put the fire out and we like the fun text bubbles she uses to enhance the story.

    Take a look at Molly’s Rabbit Rescue animation here:

    We’re hoping to get our latest Animate It competition launched very soon – we’re just waiting for some final details to be confirmed – but in the meantime don’t forget you can send us your animations on any theme at any time – we’re always excited to see what you’ve been working on. Why not share your latest animations with us by adding a comment below?