• Morphing Entries We Love!

    We had so many fantastic entries into our recent ‘Can You Morph a Morph’ competition that it was exceptionally tricky to pick our winner. Just choosing a shortlist was a difficult task! After much deliberation we chose Thore’s ‘Soccer Morph’ animation as our winner, and ended up selecting two runners up for prizes too! You can see who won a prize this time here.

    From our shortlist we wanted to give the following animations a mention, too – we thought each of these entries displayed some very nifty Morphing skills, as well as including original story ideas that kept us interested and made us laugh – why not check them out below:

    Abraca-Morph by Emma B

    Chas is a wizard with a magic wand but trying to create the perfect Morph isn’t that easy! We loved seeing Morph in a variety of different guises in this creative film, featuring a fantastic soundtrack. See if Chas gets his spell to work eventually in Emma’s entry:

    Costume Box by Jess Chowdhury

    See what happens when Morph stumbles upon a costume box. Jess impressed us with her super-smooth morphing as we saw Morph transform from a clump of clay into a variety of characters, including an octopus and a cat.

    Sneezing Morph by Ada and Parmida

    Morph gets a green makeover in this animation which shows what happens when Morph gets the sneezes.

    You can see all the entries to the competition over on Morph’s YouTube channel.