• Highly Commended – More Entries From the Morph Comp!

    It was no easy task choosing the winners and runners-up in our Morph competition – if you take a look at these other entries you’ll see what we mean! While they may not have won a prize, we wanted to give these entrants a mention and showcase their talents on the website. We’re sure you’ll agree they’re pretty impressive!

    ‘Stumbling Block’ by Isaac Smith

    Morph encounters a stumbling block – quite literally! This inventive little film has some fantastic little touches in it – we loved seeing Morph sweating it out as he tries to clear his path!

    ‘Strictly Clay Dancing’ by EFB

    Morph and Chas take to the dancefloor for a ‘Strictly’ dancing extravaganza like no other!

    ‘MorphCraft’ by Sam Mather

    Even Morph loves Minecraft but when he falls asleep playing the game he experiences a very strange dream…

    ‘Motion Gamer Morph’ by Charlie Ashton

    A session in front of Wii Sports ends badly when Morph and Chas get a bit too competitive!

    ‘Morph’s Sunday’ by Jessica Chowdhury

    Morph has a whole day at his disposal, but how will he spend it? Some very smooth animation on display in Jessica’s colourful film.

    If you’d like to check out the winning entries click here.