• Gromit Animation Entries We Love!

    We had so many outstanding entries into our Gromit animation competition last month that we wanted to share some with you for inspiration.

    “Round the World in 5 Cheeses” by gromitsbuddyinginventor has a great mixture of costumes, music and lovely, smooth stop-motion animation:

    DianaK’s “The Laundry” has a great use of props and story, plus we thought the Gromit model and animation were excellent!

    “Gromit Unleashed – the World Tour 2015” by TEFELS is a nice mix of drawn and stop-motion animation.  We were really impressed with the amount of drawings which made up the finished film!

    SineJ’s  “Unleashed” animation has a very funny story, plus they’ve made great use of Gromit’s expressive eyebrows!

    Paul animation’s “Who stole the cheese” has some great examples of how to use a green screen to add in backgrounds to an animation.

    And finally, we really enjoyed Nelly T’s “Last Apple” animation.  The models are really cute and the animation techniques are very clever!  It was great to see the flying tea cup technique from our previous tutorial.  Well done!

    Well done to everyone who took part!  Take a look at the competition page for a new animation challenge this month!