• Entries We Love: Swimming and Sinking Animation

    We had so many brilliant entries into our “Swimming and Sinking” competition that we wanted to share some with you for inspiration.

    We really liked that you all took the challenge in different directions…

    Some of you chose to animate vehicles. We thought “Blue Peter Ship Rescue” by Kaoutar was very well done, especially becuase the ship had to be re-built as it emerged from the water!

    Some of you chose to animate animals. We really enjoyed the humour in Liviolivi1’s Milky the Cat animation!

    Some of you tried different materials. We liked coolcube studio’s Lego animation which showed you can use all sorts of materials to create the sinking effect!

    …and some of you made some wonderful Morph models like in the tutorial video! We thought Ane’s pair of sinking Morphs were very cute, well done!