• Winners of Morph Animation Comp Announced!

    We were overwhelmed by the amazing entries submitted to our recent Morph competition. ¬†They set an outstandingly high standard, showing off just how good you lot are at making really professional-looking short films, which not only look great but have some really imaginative story-telling behind them! We decided to pass the task of choosing a winner over to Morph creator Peter Lord, who, after watching all the shortlisted films, chose the following winners – check out this cool video which shows Pete’s reaction to the entries:

    Under 16s category:

    Winner: Lottie 78 for ‘Morph and the Dance’

    This one had us jigging in our seats and trying to compete with Morph, Chas and Grandmorph for the best dance moves. We were so impressed by the seamless animation of each character’s movement and we love how Grandmorph shows the young ‘uns how to tear up the dancefloor with breakdancing, headstands and the splits!

    Runner-up: Jordan Vigay for ‘Piece of Cake’

    Morph spies a cake but it’s too high to reach. With typical inventiveness he quickly finds a solution and even helps one of the Very Small Creatures share the treat. A lovely piece of storytelling that shows it’s good to share.

    Over 16s category:

    Winner: Alistair Stuart for ‘Morph Goes Fishing’

    An outstanding piece of animation that really captures the spirit of Morph. Alistair uses some really sophisticated animation techniques to tell this funny, sweet story of what happened the day Morph went fishing…

    Runner-up: Olivia Gabriel for ‘Morph’s Bad Day’

    A really original tale that shows how Morph escapes a boring, dreary day in front of his computer by having a series of day dreams. From lifting a trophy on the sports field to relaxing in a deckchair, Morph knows where he’d rather be…

    To say Peter had a difficult job choosing the winners is an understatement! You can check out the ‘Entries We Love’ page to see some of the other competition submissions that blew us away.

    The lucky winners will receive a real Morph model used in the production of the new Morph episodes that launched in July, as well as a Morph goodie bag.