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  • The Hobbit Animation Competition

    Aardman have teamed up with Harper Collins to produce the official companion app for the new The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug movie, and to celebrate we’ve got a special Hobbit-themed animation competition with an […]

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  • How to Make Yourself (or a Friend) Hover in Mid Air!

    Animate It! Tutorial

    In this month’s animation tutorial Steve Edge shows you how to give your animations the ‘wow’ factor by adding the hover technique!

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  • Meet Pigby & Friends


    Meet Pigby, a new Aardman creation who is on a mission to get you saving your pennies.

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  • Join the Morph Mob!

    Morph Army

    To celebrate Morph’s Kickstarter project, the team at Aardman are trying to create the biggest army of Morph models at Aardman HQ in Bristol! It’s a fun and creative challenge but the Aardman crew are going to need some extra help from Morph fans…

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  • ‘Let Nature Feed Your Senses’ Competition Winners!

    The ‘Let Nature Feed Your Senses’ farmyard sound animation competition has now been judged and the winners are out! The challenge was to choose your favourite farmyard sounds and create an animation from them and there were lots of brilliant farmyard entries!

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