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  • The Stunt Farm

    It’s circus time down on the farm! This entry by Poppy Reid imagines what it would be like if pigs and horses tried out their circus skills under the Big Top…take a look at this entry into the My Crayola competition here.

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  • The Journey Home

    Take a magical journey through an enchanted forest in Sophie’s charming film. Good luck for the competition, Sophie!

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  • The Mermaid Party

    Check out his brilliant Crayola Movie created by Laura, aged 6! The movie is about the day a mean shark moved into mermaid land….

    Laura drew all the scenes by herself and even recorded the music by herself on the keyboard! Well done Laura 🙂

    Watch The Mermaid party here…

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  • The Life of Emily the Sketch

    This brilliant Crayola Movie was sent to us by Ella.

    She describes here movie as “The life of Emily the sketch so far – the movie!”

    Watch The Life of Emily the Sketch right here…

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  • A Splash of Paint

    The Crayola Movie was created by Jordan!

    A bit of fun throwing paint around gets out of hand, but ends up with a rainbow in the sky!

    Watch A Splash of Paint here….

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  • King Charlie’s Excellent Plan

    The fantastic Crayola Movie was submitted by Elliot and is called “King Charlie’s Excellent Plan”

    The movie about two kings ( one good one, one bad one) who don’t get on very well!

    The good king Charlie then comes up with a plan….

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  • Stickman Misadventure

    This fantastic crayola movie was submitted by Sam!

    Sam has experimented with paper, pens and a chalkboard to create different worlds for his stick men to live in – what a clever idea!

    Watch Sam’s animation here…

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  • The Alien Invasion

    Here’s a great alien-themed Crayola Movie submitted by Owen!

    Two naughty aliens fall in love but it all goes wrong when they abduct a boy called Owen! Hmm…that name sounds familiar…

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  • The Legend of the Trees

    This brilliant Crayola movie was submitted by Zoe!

    “The Legend of the Trees” is a tale of how trees came to be…

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  • The Lonely Alien

    This fantastic Crayola Movie was uploaded by Emma as is called “The Lonely Alien”.

    Emma’s movie is about a lonely alien who travels to Earth to find a friend……

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