• The Legend of the Trees

    This brilliant Crayola movie was submitted by Zoe!

    “The Legend of the Trees” is a tale of how trees came to be…

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  • The Lonely Alien

    This fantastic Crayola Movie was uploaded by Emma as is called “The Lonely Alien”.

    Emma’s movie is about a lonely alien who travels to Earth to find a friend……

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  • A Fox Story

    Check out this brilliant Crayola Movie entry – it’s called “A Fox Story” and was created by Becky.

    Becky says the story is about “An ordinary fox has always wanted to fit in; but she has always been more like a human than a fox. She has always wondered what it would be like to have a human life. Little does she know that her dream is much closer then she thinks…”

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  • The Making Face of Scary

    This entry was uploaded by Molly. She says “I made the funniest story about making the grimace and hows the best grimace champion wins a competition :)”

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  • Mr Smiffy’s Big Cheese

    Here’s another cracking entry into the Crayola movie competition – this one is called Mr Smiffy’s Big Cheese by Cole Herron!

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