• December’s Animate It Competition – Fly Your Tea Cup!

    Its competition time again on Animate It! In Steve’s latest animation how-to video he shows you how to fly through space in a teacup…and for this month’s competition we want you to try making your […]

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  • Learn How to Fly Through Space in a Teacup!

    Find out how you can fly through space in a teacup using this simple animation tip! In this tutorial you’ll learn how to use a green screen, how play tricks with perspective and how to boss around – ahem, direct – your mates!

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  • Model Gromit Animation Workshops!

    Aardman model-maker Jim Parkyn has been visiting schools across the UK to teach them how to make and animate their own Gromit models using the Animate It! software! Take a look at how they got on – maybe it will inspire you to have a go yourself!

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