• Gromit Animation Competition!


    Are you ready for another animation challenge? With the Gromit Unleashed arts trail now open to the public, this month’s challenge is all about Gromit!


    We’d like you to create your own Gromit-themed short film – the story is up to you and you can use any style of animation you like, whether it be 2D drawn animation, 3D clay models, or anything else you can think of!

    • Take a look at our Gromit film kit for inspiration.
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      There’s a worksheet to help you create your own Gromit models, backgrounds if you’d like to make a set and a Gromit outline if you’d like to colour it in and make a 2D film.

    • Once you’ve decided on what you’re going to make, it’s time to start animating! You can download a free trial of the Animate It! software from our website and take a look at lots of animation tutorials to get you started.
    • Your film must be no longer than 1 minute – keep it short and sweet!
    • Once you’ve finished your film, upload your video to YouTube (if you’re under 13 years old ask a grown-up to help you with this)
    • Post a link to your animation in the comments section below! Our competition closes at 12pm GMT on Friday, 30th August 2013
    • The competition is open to people under the age of 18 only (sorry grown-ups!)
    • The best animation received will win a Cracking Animation book, plus a Gromit Unleashed goodie bag.

    Good luck with your entries everyone! If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration, here are some classic Gromit moments to get you started…





    • can I upload without youtube?
      If not can you add something like in depict?

      by bataton July 7th 2013

    • if their ll be any competition for above 18 yrs please do let me know……

      by amyth July 8th 2013

    • I love building a rocket!!!

      by amira July 12th 2013

    • Wow, this looks like a brilliant competition! I can’t wait to enter!! 😀

      by SaveEarth July 13th 2013

    • Yeah, I totally agree SaveEarth, I can’t wait to enter too.

      What I was thinking was I might do an animation using my own drawings…..

      what I was wondering was-
      Katie, is there a chance you could ever ever think about putting the old TMP tools on this website? Things like the animating tool and the mash up were really brilliant! …..I am sure everyone on this website would agree….it seems a shame they are just not being used any more!!!…they were going to have been used on another website but that never happened :(

      I really like making animations with clay, but kind of miss being able to make movies using my own drawings, it is a lot less messy!!!..I have tried other software but not as flexible as the mash up was…

      Just a thought :)

      Ps what sort of animation are you all doing?

      by Emmab July 15th 2013

      • Hi emma, it’s a great idea about the TMP tools – we’re still looking into it and trying to decide where the tools should live. In the mean time, have you tried using the “import stills” function in the advance settings on the Animate It! software? This will allow you to import your drawings straight into the timeline…

        by katie (Aardman Staff) July 15th 2013

    • I appreciate your giving spirit. Not only do you entertain so wonderfully through your films but you have the heart of an educator. Thank you for reaching out to us and inspiring everyone who desires to make more out of their life.

      by Al Bohl July 16th 2013

    • I think this looks very well thought out. I think I might enter. 😀

      by Sophie July 19th 2013

    • can you import your own pictures on the animate it for ipod/iphone/ipad? coz i cant seem to find it
      it would be awesome if you could

      by lottie78 July 21st 2013

    • Thank you Katie, I shall try that about the import stills feature.

      ps We saw four of the Gromits on the weekend in Bristol. They look really great !

      by emmab July 22nd 2013

    • Hello!
      Katie maybe you can add a gallery.
      Something people can upload right to your site.
      Instead of uploading through “Youtube”.

      by bataton July 23rd 2013

    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjquCF7A-h4

      hi im new to the animate it competitions !

      by EllieGisawesome-animations July 25th 2013

      • Wonderful work Ellie! You’ve made great use of the green screen mode :)

        by katie (Aardman Staff) July 26th 2013

    • Thanks katie! my dad will be glad! (he loves animating!)

      by EllieGisawesome-animations July 27th 2013

    • This is my Gromit animation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=To3LXWsrKNk&feature=youtu.be

      by Marc S July 27th 2013

      • Fantastic! You’ve used Gromit’s ears to show his expression really well and the ending is very funny! 😀

        by katie (Aardman Staff) July 29th 2013

    • Marc S,
      love your gromit animation! well done :)
      great animation – I have never tried using green screen — I think I might try that too. :)

      by emmab August 2nd 2013

    • thanks emmab i cant wait to see yours!

      by EllieGisawesome-animations August 11th 2013

    • Here’s my entry:


      Hope you like it! :)

      by Gromitsbuddyinginventor August 12th 2013

      • Wonderful work! I love the different hats/music/cheeses combo! 😀

        by katie (Aardman Staff) August 12th 2013

    • here is my stopmotion video


      i hope you like it

      by paul animation August 12th 2013

      • Fantastic work, Paul! A great story and you used the green screen function really well!

        by katie (Aardman Staff) August 12th 2013

    • Wow,
      That was a great movie gromitsbuddinginventor. We are almost finished ours….it is an around the world one too, we have been working in it all summer together ( my brothers and sisters) …only problem …it is too long. We can’t really edit any out though as there are five of us making it it, and we all did a section of the animation.
      hope that is ok Katie..

      by Emmab and the gang! August 16th 2013

    • http://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=plcp&v=PyFBjvj66yg

      Our animation!!
      The five of us worked on it together , I think we drew over 150 pictures in the end to put it together!!! ..and yes, we know it is far too long…very very sorry….we were just having so mich fun making it. We started to cut some out or divide it into two animations but it just didn’t look right so we left it.

      You can stop watching after a minute if you like 😀

      Anyway, hope everyone is having a great summer. We are off on our holidays for two weeks now! Yay!!!
      T E F E Ls

      by Emmab and the gang! August 20th 2013

      • Wow, fantastic! I am going to watch it a few times so that I can spot all the Gromits, I don’t think I managed to find them all the first time! Another great video, well done Team TEFELS!

        by katie (Aardman Staff) August 21st 2013

    • I’m going to download the ‘find the gromit’ for my trip to Bristol but do you need wifi for it to run ?

      by Just wondering August 20th 2013

      • You’ll need a wifi connection to download the app, but once you’ve got it installed you can use it without. Happy Gromit hunting!

        by katie (Aardman Staff) August 21st 2013

    • Yours is great TEFELS! Its like an animated where’s wally scene, everyone in the picture is involved in their own little occupation! How many drawings are there?!?!?

      by Gromitsbuddyinginventor August 21st 2013

    • Thanks so much gromitsbuddinginventor , we are glad you liked it! We drew about 150 pictures altogether, I think, and then we had coloured in lots of gromits too.

      We then put really, really long pictures together in paint shop pro and then just had the car to animate as a top layer…….so we probably spent way more time drawing than animating.

      by Emmab and the gang! August 22nd 2013

    • The B’s – W-O-W! I still find it hard to believe how much effort you put into your films! That’s really beautiful. :) :)

      by SaveEarth August 22nd 2013

    • Hi! This is my first experience of making Gromit cartoon. Hope you like it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYcarjDTZx8

      by Diana K August 22nd 2013

      • Wonderful work, Diana! Your Gromit model is spot on the animation is really nice and smooth! I wonder what turned everything pink? :)

        by katie (Aardman Staff) August 23rd 2013

    • Emmab- quick question, how do you make your animations? Is it drawn by hand and them animated digitally or something else???

      by Gromitsbuddyinginventor August 22nd 2013

    • Emmab, great animating i will use it as inspiration

      by EllieGisawesome-animations August 23rd 2013

    • Dear Katie! The problem was that Gromit didn’t mentioned that someone had forgotten a pink swimming suit in the drum of washing machine. And his beige jacket became pink because colors had run. :)

      by Diana K August 23rd 2013

    • Hi gromitsbuddinginventor ,
      Yes we all drew different pictures and then scanned them and then put them together in paint shop pro . We then used an animation program to animate. We had to convert them to png files for that with a transparent background.
      Hope everyone is having a nice summer holiday!

      by Emmab and the gang! August 24th 2013

    • Aww thanks SaveEarth,
      We all love drawing so it wasnt a lot of effort really!
      We all worked on it together which was fun, kind of like a very very mini TMP! …only thing tristanb was trying to be a bit of a bossy director :)

      by Emmab and the gang! August 24th 2013

    • this is the link to my animation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7tMRAOuFSs

      by doggydylan August 25th 2013

    • Here is the link to my animation entry, I worked hard on it:http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=pV0NEC591SA

      by Miles August 26th 2013

      • Well done Miles, great animation!

        by katie (Aardman Staff) August 27th 2013

    • Here is my animation. I originally made it for the creation of the month on Wallaceandgromit.com but I think it fits here too.
      It is an animation about one of the statues from Gromit Unleashed.


      by Sine J August 27th 2013

      • Wonderful work, well done!

        by katie (Aardman Staff) August 27th 2013

    • I think my perfectionism is making this deadline too difficult for me. I’ve decided to enter it into next month’s W&G Creation of the Month, because I’ve barely done any animation, and I’ve still got another character to make and… I’d just get too stressed. Sorry. Good luck to all of you though! Your animations are fantastic! 😀

      by SaveEarth August 29th 2013

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fxJ4XnwSyc

      by Nelly T August 29th 2013

      • Great work Nelly, I really like how you made Gromit and the apple fly through the sky!

        by katie (Aardman Staff) August 30th 2013

    • Hi guys,
      Regarding the deadline for the Gromit competition, do you mean 12 noon or 12 at night on the 30th of Aug…i.e the night before Saturday?
      Thanks :)

      by Moviemad11 August 29th 2013

      • Hi Moviemad, 12pm = midday on Friday. Hope that gives you enough time, good luck!

        by katie (Aardman Staff) August 30th 2013

    • Hello fellow animators! Here is my Gromit animation! Please enjoy! It was a lot of fun putting together!


      by AJC August 29th 2013

      • Haha this made me laugh a lot! I love the sound effects and the animation is brilliant! Fantastic work AJC :)

        by katie (Aardman Staff) August 30th 2013

    • Only saw this competion yesterday so I spent all day working on the drawings, I would have liked to do plastercine animation but there wasn’t enough time. This is just a short version of the story that is a comic book animation. There is more of the story if you want to hear it. Enjoy.

      by Abbie W (aged 14) August 29th 2013

      • Great work Abbie! I really liked the story – I’m amazed you managed to do so many drawings in one day! 😮

        by katie (Aardman Staff) August 30th 2013

    • Yours is great AJC!! and I love the story from the Cod Father!! Well done!! :)

      by Gromitsbuddyinginventor August 30th 2013

    • Here is our animation –

      by Moviemad11 and Filmfan99 August 30th 2013

    • Hello moviemad11 and filmfan99!

      What a great animation you made together!,
      Well done, fab work!

      by Emmab September 3rd 2013

    • Hi Abbie,
      That is a great animation!

      by Emmab September 3rd 2013

    • Hi Emmab!
      Thanks…it was pretty rushed as we had to make it the morning of the deadline haha!
      Your animation was fantastic – so many amazing pictures :)
      Moviemad + Filmfan

      by Moviemad11 and Filmfan99 September 4th 2013

    • When will they announce the winners & entries they loved?

      by AJC September 6th 2013

    • awsome

      by l September 10th 2013

    • Sorry, I don’t mean to be pushy but I was just wondering when the winners would be announced?

      by gromitsbuddyinginventor September 11th 2013

    • Hi Katie?
      Will there be a new animation challenge soon? …how about a spooky halloween one?

      Ps how is everyone enjoying being back at school?

      by Emmab September 12th 2013

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